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Tow and Collect Paddock and Pasture Cleaners

Great for Equine and Alpacas Breeders Offering Tine and Adjustable Hopper Length for Short or Tall Grass, Great for Quick Clean Up Sporting Events

Paddock Vacuum Cleaner

Now Available From Danzig Bros LLC

Paddock Vacuum

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Pasture Vacuums

Pasture Vac's

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Horse Exercisers

Horse Exercisers

Odyssey Performance Exercisers

This is the best Horse Exerciser in the business and now available through Danzig Bros LLC. Save time and money with the Odyssey Horse Exerciser. Easy to control panel allows forward, reverse and speed change at the touch of a button. Many different options offered for number of horses, optional  fencing and paneling, Programmable Logic Control and roofing structures

Horse Exercisers

The Odyssey Performance Trainer is the next step in conditioning and training without constraints and replaces the old style walking machines. This is state of the art technology to exercise and rehabilitate all breeds of horses. The Odyssey Performance trainer allow the horse to move freely between a set of gates that travels inside a circular fenced track. This allows them to move naturally as they would in a paddock or on a lung line. These machines are fast becoming the industry standard for training professionals and many owners agree that they can pay for themselves in just a couple of years

Horse Exercisers

The Odyssey Performace Trainer is excellent for warming up, cooling down and maintaining fitness levels. You can control the training at a specific pace programmed by the trainer into the Odyssey computer module. We have many different models and options available

We have Horse Exerciser models ranging from 4 horse circular models to 10 horse circular models, Our models are available with an options for PLC Programmable Logic Controls with touch screen.

Semi automatic cycling features with dual timers for automatic directional controls and custom programming. We designed the Essential Horse Exerciser to respond to the growning needs of farms that want to invest in the future without " breaking the bank" to do so.

                                    Horse Exercisers                                        

Please Call Danzig Bros LLC for Questions on Our Horse Exerciser for pricing, installations and warranty. We can make arrangements with our clients for on site visit and questions

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